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Dan Mirvish On Indie Filmmaking

Filmmaker Dan Mirvish talks about the process of indie filming and the importance of protecting the work.

David Kappos “Who’s Affected By Copyright”

Attorney David Kappos talks about the majority of middle class creators who are affected by copyright.

David Price “Behind The Cyberlocker Door”

NetNames analyst David Price describes his findings about the cyberlocker piracy enterprise.

Copyright Supports: The Intersection Of Art & Technology

Photographer Doug Menuez discusses his project “Fearless Genius,” which documented the early days of Silicon Valley, and he describes how a cultural change in that industry affected the perceived value of “content.”

Dena Seidel Copyright Fosters Creative Solutions

Dena Seidel Copyright Fosters Creative Solutions

Copyright Supports: Software To Push Creative Boundaries

Graphic artist and software designer Ross Shain talks about Academy Award winning Mocha software and the need to enforce legal licensing of the product.

Copyright Supports: Investment In New Works

Writer/Director Jordan Roberts discusses the almost instant piracy of his indie film “Frankie Go Boom” and how this can reduce his chances of making a next film.

Copyright Supports: Online Management Of Works

Visual artist Kat Caverly discusses her experiences managing her work online from early days of the Web to the current environment.