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One of our goals at the Copyright Alliance is to educate and inform the copyright community, policymakers, and the public about copyright law. In the copyright resource center section of the site, you can find two types of copyright information: (1) information created or compiled by the Copyright Alliance to help individual creators and users; and (2) general materials about copyright law authored by nongovernmental agencies (please note that materials published by government organizations can be found in the copyright law section of this site). Some of the information that can be found in this copyright resource center to assist individual creators includes:

  • Find a Copyright Attorney offers a list of attorneys who specialize in copyright matters, along with their relevant contact information.
  • Creator Assistance Directory provides creators with a list of Volunteer Lawyers of the Arts (VLA) and law clinics that offer pro bono services to qualifying creators and small businesses.
  • Find a Copyright Owner offers assistance to potential licensees interested in locating a particular copyright owner.

In addition to these services, the Copyright Alliance is also here to help creators from all disciplines understand and protect their copyrighted creations. Since its inception ten years ago, the Copyright Alliance has been a staunch advocate for creators’ rights and for a strong and effective copyright law. As we approach our ten-year anniversary, we will be partnering with our organizational members to take things to the next level. This means that, in addition to advocating for individual creators, we will soon be providing our individual creator members with valuable copyright services relating to copyright education, registration and enforcement.

We are here to help creators from all disciplines understand and protect their copyrighted creations. Let us help you by joining the Copyright Alliance today.