Creator Voices

When it comes to creators, each one has their own story to share with the world. Sometimes these stories are heard through a song or painting, sometimes through photos or design, and other times through education and advocacy. However, there is one thing that ties these stories together: the protection and importance of copyright. 

Hear some of our creator members chronicle the values and impact copyright has on their careers, works, and diversity in the world of creativity:

Videos from Creators

A critical first step for any creator in protecting their work is registering it with the Copyright Office.

Ron Alvarez, Novelist and Blogger

I have no rights without copyright. That’s how I can protect my work and myself. It’s how I can protect my livelihood. I don’t have a livelihood without copyright protection.

Blake Morgan, Singer and Musician

I’m so glad the Copyright Alliance is speaking to the importance of diversity within the field of copyright protections and copyright adjacent sectors.

Ebonie Smith, Music Producer

Copyright gives me peace of mind knowing that my work is protected. No one can use my music without the proper permissions in place.

– Katie Garibaldi, Singer/Songwriter and Music Supervisor

Without the ability to protect my ideas, protect my creativity, protect my intellectual property, the life I live, wouldn’t be possible.

– Yanique DaCosta, Fine Artist and Graphic Designer

Whatever genre you are working on, it’s very important to make sure that you protect your art and your work.

– Patrick Hayes, Composer and Guitarist

Quotes from Creator Spotlight Blogs

Knowledge is power, and the more you know the better you can protect yourself and make better decisions.

— Karina Hines, Fine Artist
Blanco Brown holding a guitar

So many people think that being a creator is easy. There is a great deal of sacrifice, time and effort involved.

— Blanco Brown, Country/Trailer Trap Artist and Composer
Author and Screenwriter Richardo Fleshman

“Protecting yourself and your work – no matter the form – is important and should be as much a part of the process as the creation itself. “

— Ricardo Fleshman, Author and Screenwriter
Headshot of Architect Barb Siegel

There was no question that I would be a creator, as there was no possibility I could live happily and not be a creator.

— Barb Siegel, Architect
Cade Martin

Register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Be vigilant and direct. Value your creative property. Don’t be silent.

— Cade Martin, Photographer
Xaviera Lopez

The problem is when we completely lose authorship due to someone using or posting my work without consent.”

— Xaviera López, Artist/Animator

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