Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Understanding The DMCA: An Overview

In 1998, Congress passed the DMCA in order to address online copyright infringement while balancing the interests of internet users, creators, and service providers. Learn the history of this legislation and how it works in the digital age.

Understanding The DMCA: Takedown Notice Guidelines

There are four important guidelines every creator should know about the DMCA takedown process. These key takeaways will help you protect your copyrighted work.

Understanding The DMCA: Sending A Takedown Notice

Once you know you want to issue a DMCA takedown request, here’s how to follow through. This process can be granular, but it’s integral to helping protect your work.

Understanding The DMCA: Responding To A Takedown Notice

What is a DMCA Takedown Notice, and what should you do if you receive one? Find out from our new video!

Understanding The DMCA: Elements Of A Counter Notice

What should you do if you receive a mistaken DMCA takedown request? Find out from our latest video!