Map of the United States using copyright symbols

Copyright Facts by State

Our interactive map below shows the impact of the U.S. copyright and creative industries by state. You can find more information and copyright facts by clicking on each state or by clicking on the state name listed below.

All copyright facts and statistics gathered for each state in this compilation are based on the most recent reports, statements, and other materials created and compiled by various companies, industry organizations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Some of these sources include:

Furthermore, data on copyright registrations in each state is organized into four different categories of copyrightable works. The “Visual Arts” category covers works such as photographs, artwork, illustrations, jewelry, fabric, software, and architecture. The “Performing Arts” category covers works such as lyrics, audiovisual works, musical works, software, and choreography. The “Literary Works” category covers works with text such as books, articles, periodicals, and software.