Taking copyright courses on a computer

Copyright Courses

The Copyright Alliance is pleased to provide information about — and links to — a variety of educational workshops and copyright courses for creators, attorneys, companies, and users of copyrighted materials. All of the opportunities listed below are related to copyright-learning or creator career/business advancement.

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) — Copyright is at the core of CCC’s business. As a global leader in voluntary collective licensing with 40+ years of industry experience, CCC sets the standard for an efficient global rights marketplace. They do so by providing frictionless licensing solutions integrated with software and rights expertise. CCC advocates for copyright through their educational programs, award-winning content, and collaboration with publisher, author and collective management organizations.

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) — PPA provides working photographers all over the world with multiple opportunities when it comes to learning and growing as a photographer. One-day events, online programs, vast libraries of training videos are designed to help photographers succeed! And you don’t even have to be a member of PPA to take advantage of some of these professional development opportunities.

Copyright and Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens — This organization provides materials aim to offer accessible and practical information about copyright – including its protections, its limitations, and its role in encouraging creativity. Rather than just emphasizing what copyright prohibits, the organization strives to offer useful and positive information about what copyright allows and how students can successfully navigate and rely on copyright in their own roles as creators. Specific resources can be found here for: a High School Curriculum, a Middle School Curriculum, an Elementary Curriculum, and for Professional Development. (It is important to note that these materials focus on copyright in the United States. Other countries have similar frameworks, but their rules may differ on certain concepts such as fair use.)

StreamSafely.com — A comprehensive resource for news and information about the risks associated with viewing pirated television, film and sports content. Educate and protect yourself and your family.

Volunteer Lawyer for the Arts Organizations (VLAs) — VLA’s play an important role in educating artists, cultural institutions, attorneys, students, creators of all types, and the general public, about legal and business issues that affect artistic endeavors. And they are usually fountains of knowledge when it comes to copyright matters. Please find below a list of VLA’s that we’ve worked with, all of which offer a number of copyright education opportunities, both online and in person: