Congressional Hearings

Congress periodically holds hearings on important copyright issues and the copyright system overall. The Copyright Alliance compiles information regarding these congressional hearings. We compile not only the recording of the hearing but also any written statements submitted for the record and other relevant information. If you’re looking for information about a particular congressional hearing that’s not included in the table below, please let us know so we can add it.

How to use this table: Click on the “hearing title” header to search for information about a specific hearing, or on the “committee/subcommittee” header to locate hearings held by a particular congressional committee or subcommittee.

Hearing Title
Senate Judiciary IP Subcommittee
December 15, 2020
Senate Judiciary IP Subcommittee
September 16, 2020
Senate Judiciary IP Subcommittee
July 28, 2020
Senate Judiciary IP Subcommittee
June 2, 2020
Senate Judiciary IP Subcommittee
February 11, 2020
House Judiciary Committee
September 27, 2018
Senate Rules Committee
September 26, 2018