IPDC Program

About the IPDC Program

What is the IPDC program?

Through the Initiative to Promote Diversity in Copyright (IPDC program), the Copyright Alliance is bringing together volunteers and sponsors from across the copyright community to encourage and support participation of Black creators, Indigenous creators, and creators of color (BIPOC creators) in the copyright system.

BIPOC creators can apply to the program and, if eligible, will work with IPDC program volunteers to file their copyright registration applications with the U.S. Copyright Office at no cost to the creator. The goal is to educate program participants on the benefits of copyright registration and empower them to be able to register their own works going forward.

What’s the criteria to participate in the IPDC program?

The following criteria is used to evaluate all IPDC program applications and to select program participants:

  • The IPDC program is open to Black creators, Indigenous creators, and creators of color.
  • The applicant must not have registered more than five applications with the U.S. Copyright Office within the last five years.
  • The applicant may not participate in the IPDC program more than three times.
  • The applicant must be a Copyright Alliance member (or become a member when submitting their IPDC program application—membership is free).
  • The applicant must be the sole creator and sole owner of the work.
  • The applicant must be a United States resident.
  • The work for which a registration is sought must not be the subject of any ongoing or likely dispute, infringement, litigation, or administrative proceeding.
  • Preference may be given to creators with financial need.
  • An application may be denied due to an actual or potential conflict of interest.

IPDC program FAQs

Learn all about the IPDC program and apply below!

What is the cost to participate in the IPDC program?

Participation in the IPDC program is fully funded by program sponsors and is completely free to creators who participate.

What happens after a creator applies for the IPDC program?

Once an applicant completes the online form, they will receive a confirmation email that confirms receipt of their IPDC program application. The email will also include educational resources related to copyright registration. The Copyright Alliance will review the application and follow up with any additional questions. If the applicant qualifies for participation in the program, they will receive an email matching them with a volunteer who will assist them in completing and submitting their copyright registration application(s) for free.

*Note: Effective as of March 31, 2024, the Copyright Alliance will close applications for applicants or participants who are non-responsive to the Copyright Alliance or, if they have one, their assigned IPDC program volunteer for either (1) more than three months since date of last communication with the Copyright Alliance or their assigned IPDC program volunteer or (2) if their assigned IPDC volunteer terminates the relationship due to nonresponsiveness, whichever comes first. Creators whose applications are closed for this reason, but who would still like to register a work through the IPDC program, are free to reapply. An application which is closed because of nonresponsiveness will not count towards an applicant’s three-time limit of participating in the IPDC program.

How long will the IPDC program run?

The IPDC program does not have a deadline and is continuing to take applications on a rolling basis. The duration of the program may be reduced in the future due to funding or other factors.

How do creators apply to participate in the IPDC program?

Any creator who meets the eligibility criteria and would like to participate in the IPDC program, may apply by completing a brief online form to be considered for program participation. Any creator who is not already a Copyright Alliance Creator Member, can join here for free!

  • If you have questions about the IPDC Program, please email IPDC@copyrightalliance.org.
  • To apply to participate in the IPDC program, please click here.
  • To become a Copyright Alliance Creator Member (for free!), please join here.

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