A Copyright Alliance Thanksgiving 2023

I have been proud to serve as the CEO of the Copyright Alliance for the past eight years. During that time, I have witnessed our fair share of ups and […]

Native American Hip-Hop graphic with headphones

The Rhythmic Resilience of Native American Hip-Hop

As November unfolds, we find ourselves at the intersection of two significant cultural celebrations: Native American Heritage Month 2023 and Hip-Hop History Month. While many are familiar with the traditional […]

Headshot of Author Dan Swanson holding a book and reading it to a group of kids in a library.

Creator Spotlight with Author Dan Swanson

Dan Swanson’s first book, an illustrated children’s holiday story called The Book Cook, was published in October by Baobab Press, located in Reno, Nevada.  The book follows two children as […]

October 2023 Roundup of Copyright News

In October, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to dominate copyright law headlines as the U.S. Copyright Office received initial comments for its AI study, the White House issued an Executive Order […]

Halloween Makeup and Copyright

As the days grow shorter and the warmth of summer wanes, store aisles give way to a mesmerizing array of candy, costumes, and Halloween décor. Halloween, that bewitching night when […]