Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Copyright

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to generate works of visual art, musical works, written works, fashion, and so much more. The growing usage of AI makes it essential to actively examine how it impacts creators and copyright law. 

The Copyright Alliance supports the responsible and ethical development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and a thriving and robust AI economy. The continuing development of AI systems represents a profound achievement of the digital age that brings with it tremendous opportunities as well as numerous copyright-related challenges that everyone should be aware of.

This webpage is designed as a source of information on the responsible development and use of AI technologies as they relate to copyright, and it includes a wealth of information—including blogs and articles, U.S. Copyright Office policies and updates, a registration link for our AI Copyright Alert, industry events, information on AI and fair use, and much more. Please check back often as we will continue to update our AI and Copyright webpage as new developments continue to occur.

The Copyright Alliance has submitted written comments on, and spoken about, AI and copyright issues to creators and copyright owners in addition to policymakers. Below are some of the Copyright Alliance’s activities regarding AI and copyright.

AI Position Paper

The Copyright Alliance published an Artificial Intelligence position paper that explains our views on several of the most prominent copyright-related issues related to AI.

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The Copyright Alliance launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Copyright Alert to keep everyone apprised of important copyright-related AI news and events. Sign up to receive AI Copyright Alerts, which are sent straight to your inbox as news happens.

On March 16, 2023, the U.S. Copyright Office launched an initiative to examine the impact of AI technology on copyright law and policy issues, including the scope of copyright in works generated using AI tools and the use of copyrighted materials for the purpose of AI ingestion. After convening public listening sessions during the first half of 2023 to gather information about current technologies and their impact on copyright, the Office will publish a notice of inquiry in the Federal Register to further examine AI copyright issues.

AI and Copyright Listening Sessions Hosted by the U.S. Copyright Office

Federal Court AI Cases Involving Copyright Claims

CaseCourtSubject Matter
Thaler v. PerlmutterDistrict of ColumbiaCopyrightability
Anderson v. Stability AINorthern District of CaliforniaInfringement
Doe v. GitHubNorthern District of CaliforniaInfringement
Getty Images v. Stability AIDistrict of DelawareInfringement
Planner 5D v. FacebookNorthern District of CaliforniaInfringement
Thomson Reuters Enterprise
v. Ross Intelligence Inc.
District of DelawareInfringement
Tremblay v. OpenAI, Inc. et al.Northern District of CaliforniaInfringement
Silverman, v. OpenAI Northern District of CaliforniaInfringement
Kadrey, v. Meta Northern District of CaliforniaInfringement
L. v. Alphabet Inc.Northern District of CaliforniaInfringement

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