How to Register Works Containing AI-Generated Elements?

Though it is not possible to register a work solely generated by AI, the U.S. Copyright Office may approve a copyright registration application for a work containing both AI-generated and human-authored elements if the human authored elements meet copyrightability requirements.

For example, the Office is likely to grant a registration for a compilation or collective work where a human author takes AI generated images, text, and other works and selects, coordinates, and compiles these AI-generated works in the final work. Applicants seeking to register such works must disclaim AI-generative elements that are more than de minimis and to only claim parts of the work that result from human authorship. The copyright registration would only cover the human authored parts of the work, and not the AI-generated elements.

You can read more about the Office’s registration guidance in our blog post titled Three Takeaways When Registering Your Copyright in an AI-Assisted Work. As AI and copyright issues continue to develop, you can stay up-to-date by signing up for our AI Copyright Alert.