IPDC Program

IPDC Application

While marginalized and underrepresented groups have made significant creative contributions in the United States, these groups have faced barriers to reaping the benefits of their contributions. Copyright protection and copyright registration are vital for empowering creators to own their works and make a living from their creativity. Participation in the copyright system and understanding the rights afforded under copyright law and are important first steps.

Through the Initiative to Promote Diversity in Copyright (IPDC program), the Copyright Alliance is bringing together volunteers and sponsors from across the copyright community to encourage and support participation of Black creators, Indigenous creators, and creators of color (BIPOC creators) in the copyright system. BIPOC creators can apply to the program and, if eligible, will work with IPDC program volunteers to file their copyright registration applications with the U.S. Copyright Office at no cost to the creator. The goal is to educate program participants on the benefits of copyright registration and empower them to be able to register their own works going forward.