Creator Spotlight with Singer/Songwriter Kélanie

​​Kélanie is an Afro-Indigenous multi-artist singer who crafts intimate, sensorial, and healing alternative R&B. Experimenting with a blend of English and Portuguese, she transcends linguistic boundaries to translate feelings into her music. The artistic process is an integral part of her transformative music career journey, where vulnerability and creativity intertwine. Follow Kélanie on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

What was the inspiration behind becoming a creator? What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

I believe we are all creators at heart, and life calls us to that state of creation, you know? My inspiration comes from nature, observing the cycles of the earth, and connecting to my indigenous roots, which inspires me to express my inner world through music!

What I enjoy most about the creative process is fostering curiosity, living a life of exploration, and having fun with my songwriting. I write in freestyle, so it’s a beautiful exercise of surrendering to the emotions.

Can you talk through your creative process? How long does it take? Does everything you produce make money?

I look at my creative process as a cycle that has three main phases. Phase 1 is about observing, absorbing, living, writing, and singing – just flowing through life, gathering “data” if you will. Phase 2 is taking all the written songs, finding connections, understanding the project’s concept, and envisioning it as something tangible – picturing how that album will exist in the real world, ready to be played and experienced, for example. Phase 3 is execution, where I find the resources, produce the songs, register them, and plan for release and marketing strategies. These three phases typically take a little over a year. I have a vlog series on youtube sharing my creative process.

Not everything I produce makes money, but the value it brings is immense. Money isn’t an instant byproduct of making art; it’s a long-term game that requires a lot of investment!

What do you think is the biggest misconception about your line of work?

Definitely the “glamorous” part of being an artist/singer, photoshoots, music videos, shows, etc. Especially an independent multi artist who plans and executes all fronts of the music release cycle. The reality is: it takes a lot of time, work and intention, and it’s not the effortless vibe it might give from the outside.

When did you first become aware of copyright, and why?

I first became aware of copyright in 2020 when I released my first single, “Intuition.” Initially unaware of copyright, music registration, ISRC codes, etc. I started researching and seeking advice from lawyers and specialists after the release.

What do you do when you encounter someone stealing something you’ve invested your intellect, time and money into?

Hopefully, I have gotten my art copyrighted and registered as to take proper measures. It’s really sad if that happens and you can’t really protect yourself because your work wasn’t protected.

What is the best piece of advice that you would give other creators in your field about copyright and how to protect themselves?

The best piece of advice for creators in my field regarding copyright is to do your homework. Seek information from the right places, portals, and specialists. Register your songs before releasing. While it might be challenging to understand initially, it’s imperative for the longevity of your career!

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