Creator Member Catchup with Composer/Guitarist Patrick Hayes

This week, we caught up once again with composer/guitarist Patrick Hayes. We first interviewed Patrick back in 2021, and since then, his career has continued to advance and grow. You can follow him on Instagram @guitarboymusic1.

How has your creative career evolved since we last spoke?

My creative career has evolved in many ways. I am exploring my country roots because this is where my music is derived from. I am from a small town and my mother Frankie taught me basic chords on the guitar. Since then, my musical journey has expanded, especially during the last two years. I recently produced a song on Usher’s new album entitled “Naked.” “Naked” was selected for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS campaign. I am incredibly proud and excited about this song. The project is a best seller. I produced this song with Kosine and our relationship spans more than a 20 year time period. Phil Cornish as a co producer also added some beautiful keys to this work of art. Ryan Toby penned some exotic lyrics to our song. The horn section is exceptionally melodic. I have known the saxophonist, Micheal Burton since our Mississippi days. Melvin Jones and Wilbert Williams play pivotal roles to completing the horn section. Usher’s vocal performance is stellar.

How has copyright continued to help fuel your growth?

Copyright fuels my legal growth related to my musical profession. The new streaming laws assist in getting artists, producers and song writers fairly compensated for their work. 

Is there anything related to copyright that you want to learn more about? What resources do you use in order to learn more about copyright?

Before I fill out my song percentage sheets (which determine how royalties will be distributed) and before I negotiate my publishing rights/deals, I ensure that all of my work is copyrighted. The Copyright Alliance is imperative for me to have continued success in this industry. 

Where do you draw inspiration from when you create musical work? Is there a specific musician you look up to, and if so, why?

I draw inspiration from nature and watching Animal Planet. Jimi Hendrix is my guitar hero and muse. He had the ability to make any guitar sing, talk, and cry. I visited his grave site near Seattle. I played my guitar while there and the grave actually moved. It almost startled me. I felt his power through my fingers! It was simply mind-blowing. My favorite Hendrix performance was when he played “The Star Spangled Banner” live. That was simply a surreal experience. It was like his guitars were transcending up into space. 

Do you follow a process or ritual before a live performance to get rid of nerves? If so, what is it?

I practice on my signature licks and I meditate. I listen to meditation music on my iPhone. It brings me tranquility and peace. It is indeed an honor to share my gift with the world. Music is universal and it touches numerous lives. 

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? How do you overcome it?

It is normal to experience writer’s block. If that transpires, I take a break from listening to music. I collect my ideas and thoughts. I focus on making something new, fresh, and interesting. Making anything organic and original is a process. I remain authentic and true to myself. 

If you could pass on one piece of advice to other creators, what would it be?

The advice I pass along to others is to be patient. Long lasting success requires time, dedication and hard work. Practice makes perfect. In order to advance, you must become familiar with your craft. Educate yourself on your future career. I attended college and acquired a Master’s degree. During my college years, I was recording and playing gigs. In addition to that, I was an educator. Learn about copyright law and protect your works through copyright, and do not get ripped off. Business is the key to surviving and thriving in the entertainment industry. Beware of people trying to take advantage of your skills and to make a huge profit. Join organizations like the Copyright Alliance, ASCAP, BMI and hire a good entertainment attorney. Knowledge is power. I pass along this information to my young artists, which include: Tylan, Mason, and Juelz. They are the young artists who I am trying to teach, mentor, and mold. We talk about making music and also about life. Taking the short route is the wrong route. Be yourself and you will win in the end. 

Are there any projects you’re currently working on or plan to start soon that you’re excited about? Can you tell us more about them? 

My next upcoming project is with Mississippi’s newest rising star, Kingfish. Both of us are from Mississippi and we are born of the richness of a rare musical culture. I am so thrilled to be collaborating with this future icon. Kingfish is about to blow up. His voice is deeply rooted in the heart of Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, and Country tones. He makes his guitar sing. He is like a little brother to me. We teach each other skills to enhance our craft. We are prepared to blaze the shots with new fire. The future looks brighter and the best is yet to come. I achieved one of my goals while working with one of my favorite artists who is Usher. I did a Mariah Carey remix a while back as well. I continue to reinvent myself on all levels and genres of music. I am presently working with American Idol’s angel, Jordin Sparks. Her demeanor is kind and her talent is pure. I also worked with the legendary Diane Warren on a few projects. Everything I do is extremely inspiring and diverse. I continue to reinvent myself on all levels and genres of music.

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