Five Questions with Kick Lee, Founder of Cincinnati Music Accelerator

Kick Lee sitting on a couch

This week we would like you to meet creator member Kick Lee, Founder of Cincinnati Music Accelerator.

1. What was the inspiration behind becoming a music producer? What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

Growing up as a foster-child, I always had a passion for listening to beats. Unbeknownst to me, everyone on my mother’s side of my family was involved in music in some way. Whether it be singing, playing an instrument, or working as a sound engineer, they all were involved. One day, at one of the many high schools I attended, I had to compose a song for a video. I started playing around with the software and in that moment, I fell in love with composing music. I enjoy composing music because each note sets a tone. Each noise is a character. When I’m composing music, I’m creating a narrative. With one sound, I can take you from sad to happy. Or happy to sad. Make you feel something specific and real. Music is the big connection; it taps into emotion and because of that, it helped me grow a bigger bond with people, folks who at one moment didn’t know or like me, felt a sense of wanting to know and connect with me. As a foster-child, i’s hard for us to connect with people, because many can’t relate to us. But for me, composing music was my way of building that bridge for us to bond. And tha’s what I enjoy the most about composing. I can make people happy and put a smile on their face.

2. Can you take us through your process?

I compose music with the intent that it will make someone, somewhere very happy. ۬ I always start with the melody to help move the spirit, and then make my way to percussions to help drive and direct the emotion being felt, and then I back it all up with a nice bass line to intensify the overall response. And then I play it repeatedly to make sure that it doesn’t have too much or too little.

3. When did you first become aware of copyright and why?

I first became aware of copyright when independent artists (who I sent production work to) would have producers recreate my work, and then get paid from the music that I had created. I did some research online, and, BOOM! I learned about copyright, and it was “all she wrote ” from there.

4. Have you experienced copyright infringement and, if so, how has it affected you personally and financially?

Oh yes, on several occasions. I currently license a lot of my work for video games, TV ads, crowdfunding campaigns, etc. There are times when I’m randomly out and about, and I’ll hear my work being played without my consent. Yes, I’ll admit that I get excited like a little kid when I hear it. But at the same time, I’ll say to myself, “Uh, where’s my check? ” But, personally and financially I wouldn’t say it has negatively affected me, because I typically reach out to the responsible agency to resolve their unauthorized use of my work. And because, as they say, “I seem like I’m a really good guy, ” the situation gets resolved.

5. What do you do when you encounter someone stealing something you’ve invested your intellect, time and money into?

Honestly, when I encounter someone stealing something I’ve worked tremendously hard to create, I smile to myself and plan the proper course of action. I never freak out or say, “You’re evil for stealing my work. ” I do what needs to be done to resolve the situation, and make sure I take the proper steps beforehand to try to protect it, so it doesn’t happen to me again. However, I’m sure that it will because, sadly, tha’s the world we live it.

Kick Lee

Cincinnati, OH

Photo Credit: Tim Soell

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