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Copies of Copyright Registration

Full Question: How do I get copies of my copyright registrations filed from 20 years ago?

Answer: You may request a copy of your copyright registrations by submitting a request in writing clearly specifying the registration numbers you want. Please note there is a fee for obtaining a copies of registration certificates. For further information on requesting copies of Copyright Office records, see Circular 6 and Circular 4 for Copyright Office fees at

If you fail to provide the registration numbers, the Office will have to perform a search which requires payment of a fee in addition to the certification fee and the copying fee. If, however, you provide the registration numbers, no search fee is required. A list of fees for Copyright Office services can be found at 37 C.F.R. ยค 201.3 at and in Circular 4 at

Answered by:

Rob Kasunic, Director of Registration Policy and Practices at the U.S. Copyright Office.