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Copyright Law Explained

Copyright Management Information (CMI)

The DMCA includes provisions that protect the integrity of copyright management information. Copyright management information, or CMI, is information about a copyrighted work, its creator, its owner, or use of the work that is conveyed in connection with a copyrighted work. For example, CMI would include the copyrighted work’s title, ISBN number or copyright registration number; the copyright owner’s name; the creator’s name. name; and terms and conditions for use of the work.

The CMI provisions of the DMCA prohibit someone from knowingly providing false CMI with the intent to induce, enable, facilitate, or conceal infringement. The provisions also prohibit the intentional unauthorized removal and alteration of CMI with the knowledge or having reasonable grounds to know, that it will induce, enable, facilitate, or conceal an infringement. As is the case in other areas of copyright law, the CMI provisions are also limited in scope by various exceptions.

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