Creator Community Rallies to Support the Public During COVID-19 Challenges

creators standing together

If you look up the word “community” in the dictionary, you’ll find it defined as a group of people who reside in a certain locale, share a government or religion, or perhaps have other characteristics in common such as a shared history or culture. In addition to the traditional definition of the word, members of a community quite often support one another, especially during challenging times like those currently faced due to COVID-19.

In mid-March, when the Coronavirus pandemic first made news across the world, it felt daunting. Most people tried to make sense of what was going on, as well as look for ways to remain safe. As the world struggled to digest the magnitude of the pandemic, as well as to hold onto some sort of normalcy, numerous communities rallied to sustain their members. Some communities also looked for ways to offer support more broadly to anyone in need.

One such instance involves the immediate contributions that members of the creative community demonstrated when they assembled a broad swath of resources to share with everyone who could benefit from them. From education materials to COVID-19 resources, from free streams and concerts to professional guidance and language learning, to so much more, the creative community rallied to provide a breadth of offerings to help make everyday lives just a bit easier.

Recently, the Copyright Alliance created a compilation of resources offered by the creator community. In addition, below are just a few examples of the caliber and variety of what’s available to you on our resources page, all thanks to the creator community:

For anyone who misses attending concerts, check out this list from NPR that includes virtual performances you can attend from home. Whether you’re a fan of the Metropolitan Opera, the Dave Matthews Band, or something in between, NPR’s list has you covered by sharing a list of performances held via live audio and video streams from around the world.

There are also numerous studios releasing new movies online due to theatre closures, including Disney, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Hulu and others. Check out the steady stream of movies available now (and see what’s coming soon) by clicking here and here.

If you’re looking to help your kids improve their language skills, Audible is offering students a vast repertoire of titles across eight different languages, all for free, on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets while schools across the U.S. remain closed.

With most schools continuing to remain closed and educators still adjusting to virtual teaching, the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) curated a list of offerings from a variety of trusted educational publishers and content providers, including K12, Highlights, Blackboard and more.

While the Grammy Museum’s physical location is closed during COVID-19, it’s releasing free educational content and lesson plans on its digital platforms, including courses on Electronic Music Production, Video Production and much more.

For parents of young children who want to ensure their kids continue to feel safe during these uncertain times, Sesame Street is sharing content that can spark learning while also offering comfort to kids. Here are some new Caring for Each Other activities for parents and kids to check out this week. You can also learn more here. Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is offering a YouTube playlist of “resources and inspiration” so photographers can make the most of the time they spend social distancing by learning new creative and professional skills.

The resources highlighted in this post are just a fraction of what’s being offered today by the creator community. Be sure to check out our comprehensive resource page (and check back often for new resources that are being added regularly).

With the future still uncertain, and with the knowledge that it could be awhile before things truly go back to a state of normalcy, it’s great to have such a strong and unified community – the creative community – ready and willing to step up to the plate when times are challenging. We thank them not only for the resources provided to help make life easier and more “normal,” but also for the giving spirit in which they have shared them.

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