Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day

This past Sunday April 26, we recognized World Intellectual Property Day. Hundreds of events around the world took place last week leading up to the day, and events will continue this week, celebrating this year’s theme — Get Up, Stand Up. For Music.

Yesterday, we collaborated once again with the U.S. Copyright Office to host World Intellectual Property Day: A Copyright Matters Event at the Library of Congress. Moderated by Senior Advisor to the Register of Copyrights, Catherine Rowland, a full house of attendees enjoyed presentations by Deputy Director of Registration Policy & Practice, U.S. Copyright Office, Erik Bertin, who spoke about the unusual registration questions that the Copyright Office has entertained over the past years; Deputy General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office, Sarang Damle, who spoke about the music licensing study; and Copyright Alliance CEO Sandra Aistars, who presented the creator’s perspective both in her own words and with video clips of various musicians selected from our Creative Works video series.

photo credit: PorKaliver/iStock/thinkstock

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