Community Partner Spotlight: BIPOC Podcast Creators

Today, we turn the spotlight over to one of our Community Partners, BIPOC Podcast Creators. They are a Black and Latina-owned non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying “BIPOC talent and voices in podcasting and beyond.” They host regular networking events, offer opportunities for job mentorship, and so much more. After reading their spotlight blog, we encourage you to follow them on Instagram and X.

What is the history of your organization, and what is its mission?

BIPOC Podcast Creators was founded in 2021 with the mission to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color in podcasting and beyond. Our goal at BIPOC Podcast Creators is to connect and empower this community of podcast creators who are ready to go beyond the 101 and grow into the world of podcasting.

How do you support members of the creative community, and how can a creator get involved with your organization? 

The BIPOC Podcast Creators community brings together Black, Indigenous and other people of color who are making moves across the podcasting and digital space. Each year, we offer our Creators ample networking opportunities, skill-building workshops, access to experts, industry insights, and opportunities for mentorship. Plus discounts on various services to help them achieve their podcasting dreams. Creators can join our community via our website or on our Facebook group. And they can learn more about our community here:

What inspired your organization to become a Copyright Alliance Community Partner? 

BIPOC Podcast Creators is thrilled to partner with the Copyright Alliance as its first Community Partner, as it presents a unique opportunity for us to help underrepresented creators protect their works through copyright as they strive to grow their businesses. We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit individual creators but also contribute to a more diverse and inclusive podcast industry, where BIPOC voices are not only heard but also valued and protected.

How have copyright and related issues affected your organization and its creator base?

We believe that in this age of rapid content generation, it is more important than ever for BIPOC communities to protect their worth and their work. That is why we look forward to doing more webinars and events that center around protecting our work and using AI tools in an ethical way. 

What is one thing you wish creators understood more clearly about copyright?

That it is not the same as trademarking. Oftentimes people get the two terms confused. 

What advice would you give aspiring creators just starting out and unsure of how to protect their work? 

To check out our webinars and the free tools offered on the Copyright Alliance’s website. 

What are some current debates or issues surrounding copyright law that your organization is paying attention to, and what is your stance on them? 

Our community is very concerned about the use of content generated by BIPOC creators using generative AI tools like ChatGPT. We are also very focused on how we could take stake in the building of AI tools in order to make them more diverse, ethical, and inclusive. 

If you aren’t already a member of the Copyright Alliance, you can join today by completing our Individual Creator Members membership form! Members gain access to monthly newsletters, educational webinars, and so much more — all for free!

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