Creative and Educational Resources in Support of the BIPOC Communities

The Copyright Alliance is proud to stand with the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, with our organization and creator members, and with all who condemn racism, violence, and injustice. We are committed to working together for change and equality. The links shared below lead to webpages consisting of creative and educational resources about race and racism; initiatives from the creative community (including many of our member organizations) aimed at addressing racism and fostering positive and systemic change; and a spotlight on the incredible talent and works by BIPOC creators. All of the content on this page is intended to assist readers in understanding how to combat racism and to appreciate the value of diversity within the creative community and the works that it produces.

Educational Content Addressing Race and Racism

How the Creative Community is Stepping Up

Contributions of BIPOC Creators to Creativity

Spotlight Blogs by BIPOC Creator Members