Arab American Heritage Month

Each year, during the month of April, the Copyright Alliance proudly celebrates Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM)! On April 1, 2022, President Joe Biden officially recognized National Arab American Heritage Month, an initiative launched in 2017 by Arab America and the Arab America Foundation alongside a handful of states.

On March 31, 2023, the White House issued a proclamation on Arab American Heritage Month stating, “Ours is a Nation shaped by the immigrant’s heart, and generations of brave and hopeful people from across all countries, including from the Arab world, have woven their unique heritages, customs, and talents into the tapestry of America. Today, the achievements of Arab Americans are reflected in the arts and sciences; in businesses and faith communities; in classrooms and hospitals; and in police stations, firehouses, and every branch of the military. Arab Americans are also proudly serving throughout my Administration, bringing a diversity of expertise that helps make this country stronger, more prosperous, and more just.”

Celebrate with us the rich history and culture of Arab Americans this April by checking out our blogs, articles, and educational resources.

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Blogs and Articles



Short Films

  •  Naomi Shihab Nye: Poet, editor, songwriter, and novelist whose work encompasses her heritage and voice as an Arab American.
  • Gregory Orfalea – Author and editor of eight books including Journey to the Sun and Messengers of the Lost Battalion.
  • Sonya Tayeh – Emmy nominated choreographer whose form of “combat jazz” has been seen across numerous Broadway stages and shows.
  • Peter Macdissi – Actor and producer who has been featured in works like Uncle Frank and Ramy.
  • Rolla Selbak – Filmmaker, podcaster, and storyteller whose writing and directing features strong female characters such as in her work Choke.
  • Rania Matar – Award-winning photographer who explores her personal and collective identity through photographs of female adolescence and womanhood.
  • Ramy Youssef – Actor, director, and comedian who received a Golden Globe for his semi-autobiographical Hulu comedy Ramy.
  • Sam Maloof: Furniture designer and woodworker who began designing and making custom furniture in the 1950’s.
  • Andrea Abi-Karam – Trans poet-performer and activist whose debut work Extratransmision has been performed at RADAR, The Poetry Project, The STUD, and more.
  • Maysoon Zayid – Actress and comedian know as one of America’s first Muslim women comedians.
  • Sahar Mustafah – Author and teacher whose debut novel The Beauty of Your Face was a finalist for the 2021 Palestine Book Award and named The New York Times Book Review Notable Books of 2020.
  • Bazzi – Singer, songwriter, and record producer whose song “Mine” peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Khadija Mouh – Moroccan fashion designer who has been designing and coordinating events for 20 years.
  • Helen Zughaib – Fine artist whose paintings have been gifted to heads of state such as President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

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