Economic and Professional Initiatives to Assist Creators During the Coronavirus

The following resources highlight the generous economic and career support programs, relief funds and donations being provided to independent creators (who are unable to work due to Coronavirus risks) by companies and organizations across the country — especially by our members. Recently, we initiated a Creator COVID-19 Survey to better understand the professional and economic conditions of our creator members and creators at large across the country. Using a tool called Survey Monkey, we received 649 responses across a span of 25 days, and the survey report is available here(If you’d like us to highlight your organization’s initiatives, please the information to us via email.)

Help for Songwriters, Musicians and Others in the Music Industry:

Help for Photographers and Visual Artists:

Help for Actors, Performers, Production and Crew Members in Movie and TV Industries:

Help for Authors, Journalists and Others in the Publishing Industry:

Financial and Business Assistance for Small Businesses and Freelancers: