How to find the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing in the DMV area. As decorations go up and festivities commence, a sense of cheer and excitement has filled the air. This most wonderful time of the year is an opportunity to give to others. However, it’s a known fact that when it comes to finding that perfect gift, people are often bogged down by confusion and stress.

This year, the Copyright Alliance is here to give a suggestion that will not let the pressures of gift giving dampen your holiday spirit. Rather, the solution is a gift that keeps on giving. Instead of wandering aimlessly through shopping malls or surfing online stores, head over to a holiday market. There, you will be able to see works that local creators have made, which can make for unique gifts.

If you find yourself in the District, make your way to the 13th Annual Downtown Holiday Market. Running from noon until 8 p.m. daily until December 23, the works from over 150 regional creators will be displayed for purchase.

In Virginia, there is the Alexandria Holiday Market, available from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. until December 23. As a European style holiday market, this annual event offers an array of vendors in handcraft jewelry, art and much more!

Located on the other side of the DMV area is the Glen Echo Park Holiday Art Show & Sale. Open now until January 8 during select hours, enjoy holiday ornaments, ceramics and other creations from the area’s local artists and instructors.

To bring it back full circle, you will most likely be filled with holiday jolliness by experiencing these markets, even if you do not purchase any of the creations you find there. When you compare staring at a computer screen and being cooped up in a stuffy mall, with strolling through a holiday market in search of that perfect gift, the choice is simple. In return, local creators will enjoy the support that comes from selling their creations to others within their local area.

And finally, in the midst of all the merriment, be sure to keep in mind one golden copyright rule – which is to respect the creations of the local artists at these markets by refraining from posting any local creator’s works if there’s a sign that reads “Copyrighted Material. Absolutely No Photographs.”

Photo Credit: id-art/iStock/thinkstock

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