Copyright Infringement: Can Copyright Alliance Help You?

Full Question: Someone is infringing my copyrighted work. Can the Copyright Alliance help me pursue the infringer or stop the infringement?

Answer: The Copyright Alliance works to protect creators generally through our advocacy and educational work, but we do not take actions against specific instances of infringement on behalf of our members. Nor do we provide other legal services or legal advice. We recommend that creators who encounter infringement take some time to review the information contained on our educational and resources pages of our website. If (after reviewing this information and other informational resources) you think your work is being infringed and you need assistance pursuing the infringement, we recommend contacting an attorney for legal advice. You can find a list of copyright attorneys here. If hiring an attorney is too costly for you, you may want to consider looking into your local law school, which may offer a clinic that provides legal advice and services to creative professionals, or other organizations like Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, which may offer similar assistance. To help you with your search, the Copyright Alliance provides a directory of creator assistance organizations.

Current as of: 10/2020