Can I Send a DMCA Takedown Notice

Full Question: Can I send a DMCA notice to get material taken down that is not an infringement of my copyrights?

Answer: No. The DMCA notice and takedown process must only be used to remove copyright infringements. In order to send a DMCA takedown notice, you must either be the copyright owner or a person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. Before sending a DMCA takedown notice you should conduct a thorough, good faith investigation of the infringing activity to ensure that one or more of your rights is being infringed and that no exception or limitation, such as fair use, is applicable. You should only use the DMCA takedown process for the purpose that it was intended – to remove infringing material off the internet – and not use this process for non-copyright related reasons, such as to remove non-infringing criticisms of the copyright owner or copyrighted work or to remove trademark infringements.