April 2023 Roundup of Copyright News

In April, the copyright community celebrated World IP Day by recognizing the importance and legacies of women trailblazers in intellectual property. The U.S. Copyright Office also kicked off its first […]

Current AI Copyright Cases – Part 2

Cases/Disputes Involving AI Copyright Authorship As the second in our Current AI Copyright Cases series, this blog highlights disputes involving AI copyright authorship (part one focused on AI cases related […]

March 2023 Roundup of Copyright News

In March, while the copyright community continues to wait for the Supreme Court decision in AWF v. Goldsmith, it took a respite to celebrate a major legal victory by book […]

Current AI Copyright Cases – Part 1

The Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Material as Training Data As the world of technology continues to evolve, one of its most intriguing phenomena, artificial intelligence (AI), has taken center stage. […]

February 2023 Roundup of Copyright News

The U.S. Copyright Office was busy during the month of February with a range of activities, including hosting a roundtable on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and publishing its much-awaited response to […]

January 2023 Roundup of Copyright News

If this past month is any indication, then 2023 promises to be another busy year in copyright law. Here is a quick snapshot of the copyright-related activities that occurred during […]