Position Paper

Sound Recording Public Performance Right

The creation and delivery of music to audiences requires collaboration between a variety of creative individuals and businesses, including songwriters, music publishers, performers, producers and record labels. All of these creative individuals play an important role in crafting and bringing the final work to audiences.

But while other copyright owners enjoy the exclusive right to perform their works in public, sound recording owners do not. Currently the United States is one of the few countries in the world that do not recognize a full public performance right for sound recording owners. The US Copyright Office and Administration have both long supported legislation to change this.

Copyright law should recognize an effective public performance right for sound recordings

The Copyright Alliance’s support comes from its embrace of the following principles:

  • We are dedicated to promoting and protecting the ability of creative professionals to earn a living from their creativity; and
  • We believe all authors and creators are entitled to fair compensation for their creative work.

The Copyright Alliance is the unified voice of the copyright community and the positions taken may not reflect the specific views of any individual or organization, including Copyright Alliance Associate Members.

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