Creator Spotlight with Artist Kasey Lynn Wisnom

Artist Kasey Lynn Wisnom painting

Photo Credit: Liz Cowie Photography

This week we’d like to introduce you to artist Kasey Lynn Wisnom.

What was the inspiration behind becoming an artist? What do you enjoy most about the creative process? 

My inspiration for ‘becoming’ an artist is such a multi-layered response. I know the moment I decided I would ‘study’ art at the University of Central Florida. It would be a must to take art classes at a college level and study all the great masters we learn about growing up. The moment I stepped foot into the studio it felt like another home I would visit often. The ironic thing is, I was terrified because I never thought I was good enough as an artist to even study some of the courses I took. This would be my greatest challenge to myself and favorite lesson, we are all capable of doing anything that lights us up from the inside! With a dash of nervousness and a sprinkle of excitement equal the parts needed for a soul’s palette. Being an artist is a choice my soul would choose for me to exercise. 

Can you take us through your process? How long does it take? Does everything you produce make money?

Sure! Typically, a ping happens of an ‘image’ or a ‘color’ and sometimes ‘texture’ that excites me. As I was writing this to you, I had to pause and jot down an idea that came to me in a movie just looking at Christmas lights!! Then it becomes a part of a K. Klein, painting (all natural earth pigments, acrylic or watercolors) , drawing or sketching that will flow out on its own. A piece of work can take me anywhere from 35 minutes to 35 hours to create. Not everything I produce makes money thus far. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception about your line of work?

A big misconception of my artwork, and I would venture to say the same for a lot of artists, is that my art has only ‘one meaning’ or subject that shows at a surface level. Each piece of art is infused with so much more than the eye can see at first glance. You can almost look at the painting two to three times and study the color, the texture, the brush marks picking up nuances that are waiting to be discovered. A favorite quote of mine is, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso 

When did you first become aware of copyright and why?

I have heard this term for years from other business people, and looked into it briefly with my artwork for the past 10 years. I looked into it mainly because people have mentioned seeing my artwork ‘on’ items to sell. With that in mind and others wanting to ‘use’ or ‘borrow’ my artwork for books, etc. I felt there is something I need to learn more, I still do, as I have no clue where to start. When I did look into it, I would have to upload images to the web. Currently, my collection is over 300 pieces and growing. 

What is your biggest copyright-related challenge?

My biggest copyright challenge is where do I start? How much time and money do I really invest? Who can I trust to guide me along the way of this process to protect myself and my buyers for the years of myself and my/ their artworks? So, I started by checking out the Copyright Alliance website, as their information is free to creator members and helped me get started in learning about copyright.

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