Community Partner Spotlight: Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) 

Today, we turn the spotlight over to one of our community partners, Asian American Arts Alliance (A4). They are a nonprofit “dedicated to strengthening Asian American artists and cultural groups through resource sharing, promotion, and community building.” After you read their spotlight blog, be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and X.

What is the history of your organization, and what is its mission?

The Asian American Arts Alliance (A4) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring greater representation, equity, and opportunities for Asian American artists and cultural organizations through resource sharing, promotion, and community building. Since 1983, A4 has sought to unify, promote, and represent the artistic and cultural producers of one of New York City’s fastest-growing populations. We are a diverse alliance of artists, organizations, and arts supporters who believe that working together as a pan-ethnic, multidisciplinary community is essential to nurturing the development of artists and arts groups. A4 serves as a thoughtful convener of the Asian American cultural workforce around issues of race, identity, and artmaking and provides a critical voice for this community. We are the only service organization in the country dedicated to the professional development of Asian American artists in all disciplines.

How do you support members of the creative community, and how can a creator get involved with your organization?

Asian American Arts Alliance offers programs that build community and provide resources through peer-learning, collaboration, and professional development, furthering the careers of Asian Americans in the arts and supporting a healthy arts ecosystem. Our programs include networking events, talks, workshops, and fellowships that lower barriers for engagement, embed pathways of access for artists to connect with cultural gatekeepers, advance opportunities for artists and arts administrators of color, and provide tools to develop Asian American leaders in the community.

There are numerous ways to join the A4 family and help us grow opportunities for Asian Americans in the arts. Donations help us provide the programs that build and connect our community. Attending our special events lets you experience and celebrate the rich and diverse talent for which we advocate every day. Volunteering and offering your time and services helps us execute our events and ongoing projects. Sharing your events and ideas allows us to support and amplify the Asian American creative sector.

What inspired your organization to become a Copyright Alliance community partner?

We are excited to partner with Copyright Alliance to broaden our network with experts who can share helpful information with our creative community consisting of artists, arts workers, designers, and more. Our community will also benefit from the complimentary workshops and cross-promotion they offer. 

What is one thing you wish creators understood more clearly about copyright?

Young emerging artists are often reluctant to think too far ahead into the future, but foresight to protect your work through copyright is essential to safeguarding against exploitation and infringement. We encourage all creatives to assume their work will take off and incorporate copyright into your work to protect your future, identity, and profits.

What advice would you give aspiring creators just starting out and unsure of how to protect their work?

Seek information from a professional, such as our colleagues at the Copyright Alliance!

Congrats to the Asian American Arts Alliance on their 40th Anniversary!

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