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issues & policy: This is the area of the Copyright Alliance website to find the copyright community’s views on today’s most important policy issues. It’s where you’ll find our agency filings, statements to congress, position papers, amicus briefs and much more.
copyright law: Look here for:

– copyright bills from present or prior sessions of Congress

– significant court cases applying copyright law

– current versions of the copyright law and regulations

– information about congressional hearings

– government reports addressing copyright issues

– international agreements relating to copyright

resources: The Resources section features information for creators and educators, including classroom teaching materials, research papers, and directories of copyright attorneys and clinics to help creators address their copyright issues.
news & events: From the latest blogs on copyright-related topics to press releases and media alerts, as well as a calendar of events, visit our News & Events section to stay current on what’s happening throughout the copyright community.
education: Have a question about copyright law or just want to learn more about copyright, check out the FAQs and Copyright Law Explained pages in this section or view one of our many educational videos.
get involved: Are you a creator? Do you need help understanding copyright and understanding what you need to do to protect your creations? Are you concerned about potential changes to the copyright law that might affect your ability to continue your career, make a living or protect your creative works? If so, we encourage you to join the Copyright Alliance as an Individual Creator Member (ICM)! The best part about it is that it’s free.
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